Landschaft Vorderpfalz

Our plans in the Anterior Palatinate.

Planned 3D seismic.

In the Anterior Palatinate, we hold several licences for the exploration of geothermal energy and lithium. To explore the potential of this region, we are currently planning to carry out a 3D seismic. In the field of geothermal energy, a seismic is a prerequisite for realising successful projects. It forms the basis for extracting thermal water for the climate-neutral production of heat, electricity and lithium.


Vibrotruck Messung (Vorderpfalz)

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As part of our integrated project, we are utilising the deep geothermal energy of the Upper Rhine Graben for both renewable energies and ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™. That is why we are doing our utmost to provide information about deep geothermal energy. Below you will find further interesting links on the topic.

Since 1991, the Federal Association for Geothermal Energy has made it its mission to inform the public about all aspects of geothermal energy and deep geothermal energy. Here you will not only find the latest news and exciting key figures, but also relevant questions about geothermal energy in your home, groundwater protection or insurance in the event of damage.

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The State Research Centre for Geothermal Energy has developed comprehensive answers to many questions on deep geothermal energy in collaboration with experts from various specialist areas. Easy-to-understand summaries and clear illustrations for each area make the programme accessible to everyone.

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The Rhineland-Palatinate State Office for Mining and Geology can provide special insights into regional geothermal energy and current projects. It also offers services such as the national earthquake service or explains legislation, which are not only essential for us, but can also provide you with exciting background knowledge.

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