Sustainability is Vulcan's DNA Our vision and our mission.

Our vision and mission, and our values, is what drives us.

The world is in a race against time to achieve climate neutrality as quickly as possible. Vulcan is doing its part to support these efforts and act as a pioneer in driving this development forward. We believe in our goal: We want to help shape the transformation towards a climate-neutral future. We are committed to what is important. Tireless. Resolved. For a better tomorrow.


A vision.

We want to drive the transformation towards a climate-neutral future.


A mission.

We will be Europe’s leading ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ business and enable a secure energy supply through deep geothermal energy.

Become part of our OneVulcan culture Vulcan’s values.

We know what we stand for. We approach the challenge with passion. In the end, we will be proud of what we have achieved.


Climate champion

WE will be pioneers in the creation of a climate-neutral future. WE will stand up for what really matters.


WE want to be successful and are determined to shape our tomorrow. WE tackle every challenge that comes our way.


WE are united in our passion for creating a better world WE will set a good example and inspire ourselves and others.