Landschaft Vorderpfalz

Our plans in the Southern Palatinate.

The ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™ Project Phase One.

The first stage of our project in the Southern Palatinate is known as Phase One. The aim of phase one is to produce 24,000 tonnes of lithium, which is ultimately needed for the production of batteries for electric vehicles. In addition to the lithium, sufficient heat is generated to supply the neighbouring communities with climate-neutral heat.

Renewable energy for the region Our geothermal power plant in Insheim.

We have been the proud owners of the geothermal power plant in Insheim since 2022. The business has been running for over 10 years. The power plant is also home to our pilot plants, which we use to adapt the lithium extraction process to the conditions in the Upper Rhine Graben and continuously optimise it.

Luftbild Geothermiekraftwerk Insheim

Autumn 2022 3D seismic.

With the help of the 3D seismic carried out in October 2022, a 3D model of the subsurface was created for the Southern Palatinate. The data from the earth microphones, the geophones, was then read out and analysed and processed by our geologists. The data is used to plan and realise geothermal projects in the Southern Palatinate, as we need detailed information about the nature of the subsurface in the region for our projects.

Vibrotruck Messung (Vorderpfalz)

Our geothermal energy Drillings.

In the municipalities of Insheim, Herxheim and Rohrbach, areas have already been acquired for the construction of one drilling site each. In addition to the extraction of thermal water, the drilling sites also offer the possibility of providing heat to the neighbouring communities and companies.

Bild des Bohrplatzes Schleidberg

Lithium Extraction Optimisation Plant LEOP.

The lithium extraction optimization plant (LEOP) follows the pilot plants at our Insheim geothermal power plant. The LEOP is primarily used for product qualification, optimisation and training of the operating team. It is therefore the final intermediate stage before the implementation of the commercial plant and already has an annual production capacity of several tonnes of lithium. Construction of the plant began in 2022 and was finally completed in November 2023.

Bild der LEOP von innen (Landau, Südpfalz)

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As part of our integrated project, we are utilising the deep geothermal energy of the Upper Rhine Graben for both renewable energies and ZERO CARBON LITHIUM™. That is why we are doing our utmost to provide information about deep geothermal energy. Below you will find further interesting links on the topic.

Since 1991, the Federal Association for Geothermal Energy has made it its mission to inform the public about all aspects of geothermal energy and deep geothermal energy. Here you will not only find the latest news and exciting key figures, but also relevant questions about geothermal energy in your home, groundwater protection or insurance in the event of damage.

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The State Research Centre for Geothermal Energy has developed comprehensive answers to many questions on deep geothermal energy in collaboration with experts from various specialist areas. Easy-to-understand summaries and clear illustrations for each area make the programme accessible to everyone.

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The Rhineland-Palatinate State Office for Mining and Geology can provide special insights into regional geothermal energy and current projects. It also offers services such as the national earthquake service or explains legislation, which are not only essential for us, but can also provide you with exciting background knowledge.

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